How To Choose Keywords for Your Website

If you are just starting a work from home business, or are relatively new to the Internet home business industry, choosing the right keywords for your website is one of the most important things that has to be done. These keywords will be used for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, which makes your site more visible on the search engines results page (SERP).

As work from home business owners, we must strive to be on the first page of these results pages on the major search engines. This is how we get free traffic to our websites. And, traffic is the lifeblood of our home business.

Here are some ideas on how to choose your keywords:

Make your keywords very specific. By this I mean, don’t use a broad term like “coffee mugs”. Use something like “ceramic coffee mugs” or “unique coffee mugs”.

Make a list of words and phrases that you think people might type into the search boxes when looking for a site in your niche. Don’t worry about being perfect: just be creative.

You will want to think about the niche you will be in, and what the primary focus of your website will be. Then start breaking down all the different sub-niches are contained within that niche.

Remember – your keywords will be used throughout your website – which includes your home page – as well as in your website name (title tag), meta tags, and articles (copy).

Depending on the number of pages on your website, try to get at least 3-5 related keywords for each page, that are site specific.

If you see that the keywords are not getting the results that you for your website, don’t be afraid to change them. Take out the ones that are not working and add new ones.

It will take a while to get the hang of choosing the right keywords that work, but once you’ve learned this skill, you will really see how this can benefit your site.

Additional Tips:

1. Try not to choose keywords or keyword phrases that are too competitive.

2. If there are unusual words associated with your content that you think people might search for, or misspellings, don’t use them. You will not get much traffic from them, if any.

There are many FREE keyword finder tools on the Internet. I would suggest you use Google Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis, and Market Samurai. Use these free tools to check out the competition for the keywords you want to use for your site.

Traffic Travis and Market Samurai do have paid versions that will give you more information, but you can use the free versions for just keyword research.

If you are just starting a work from home business, spend the time on researching your keywords. They can make or break the success of your work from home business. It is also a way to get free traffic to your website. Which is always good.

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